• TAPE CELLULOSE 18mmX66m (206) 8/SL 48/CS
    Application ?Often referred to as « The tape of a thousand uses ». ?Repairing torn paper. ?Sealing, holding and packaging in manufacturing plants, as well as in offices and homes. Tabbing of static free bags and carton closure in the computer industry. Benefits ?Transparent. ?Thinness. ?Strength. ?Easy tear. ?Easy unwind. ?High tack. ?Static free.
  • TAPE C.S.T. CLEAR 48mmx132m #6100 6/SLV 48/CS
  • TAPE C.S.T. CLEAR 72mmx132m #263 -32/CS
    Application ?Box sealing for light weight packages. ?Holding and bundling applications where a high degree of moisture resistance is required. ?Label protection. Benefits ?Strength. ?High tack. ?Ease of application. ?Impact resistance. ?Water-resistant. ?Portable.
  • TAPE C.S.T. 48mmx66m "IF SEAL IS BROKEN.." 48 ROLLS/CS
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